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Neverwinter PVP Guide for Cleric


The Cleric in Neverwinter PVP has not the same strong output as the Assassin, but he is a disgusting role in the fighting. All kinds of assist of blood make the Cleric a higher position.   
First, let’s talk about the choice of skills. Now, my level is 25, and some new skills are unlock. But this set of Build is very useful as well.


Required skills:

Guardian of Faith has heavy damage, with knock down effect, and it is very useful to against the enemies’ Crispy assassin.
Sun Burst has the wide range of treatment skill, damaging the enemies, and can beat off the enemies of the Tab skill.
Chains of Blazing Light, which put a trap on the floor, binding the enemies who are traped, it is a nice group-control skill.
Healing Word is the Cleric's adept skill, sustained treating himself and the teammates. I am sure what level you are, it is indispensability.

Combat skills:

When you are fighting with the enemy, the Cleric should not be the front, do not move and click the left, right button to attack the enemy. Depleting the enemy’s blood, and notice if there are assassin is sneaking come over. If you find the assassin disappeared, putting a Chains of Blazing Light in front of the object of protection, it does not matter if the assassin is not step on it, the trap can last for some time, which becomes his obstacle. Pay attention to the teammate’s blood, use the blood -adding skill. When the enemy dash up while the teammates are not together, swift to Tab, after that, use the Sun Burst to flick all the enemies away. The powerful skill, Guardian of Faith, are used to against the assassin of the enemy. After the assassin was down, putting him in the trap, then cooperate with teammate attacking the enemy, no doubt that they are defeated.
Remembering one time in PVP, we have 4 Clerics. At the beginning, we worried about lacking of output, but we treat each other when fighting. Basically to the undead state, while the enemies are in control state. It turned out to be that it is very strong when the teams are Clerics totally.

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